UUCM Supports Housing Justice in Minnesota

UUCM joined hundreds of people at the Minnesota state capitol on January 11 to rally in support of Bring It Home, Minnesota — legislation that would fully fund rental assistance in Minnesota. The UUCM crew hung signs over the balcony to show our support for housing justice. All were excited about the big crowd, the high energy of the rally, and the amount of legislators speaking in support of Bring It Home, Minnesota. Governor Tim Walz and Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan also spoke in support of the bill. Check out a video recap of the capitol rally and the speakers here.

Photo by Janna Sundby

Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative, our housing justice partner, was one of 30 housing advocate organizations who planned the rally, and UUCM was one of the sponsoring congregations through Beacon. Beacon reports that support for the bill is even higher than expected in the legislature at this time, and they are excited about the momentum that’s building. 

Ahead of the rally, Beacon reported that their Bring it Home, MN bill has already been introduced in the House and Senate as HF11 and SF11. This means rental support is among the top 12 bills the Democratic leadership is proposing. Many co-authors are signing on, including Speaker Melissa Hortman. 

The next key opportunity to support housing access for all in Minnesota is on March 20 at another capitol rally. Beacon’s goal is to have 1,000 people at the capitol that day to show legislators their support and to push for fully funding rental assistance now. Watch the Friday update email for more information on the rally and transportation options.  

UUCM Racial Justice Group Announcement

At our January 29th service, members of the Minnetonka Coalition for Equitable Education (MCEE) will speak about this student-led organization, its imperatives and its goals. They will talk about social justice within the confines of education, and there will be an opportunity to talk with them after the service and learn more. 

As part of UUCM’s Racial Justice work, the board voted to ally with MCEE and show their support by sending a letter to the Minnetonka School Board. Board member Jeff Adrian appeared at a School Board meeting and presented UUCM’s letter on behalf of the board and congregation. 
Minnetonka Coalition for Equitable Education (MCEE) believes that addressing racial inequity is not only the right thing to do for Black, Indigenous and 

people of color (BIPOC), but that it is the right thing for ALL students. It is just as important for white students to learn about difference as it is for students of color who must navigate systems of difference on a regular basis. An equitable education means teaching all students the value of multiple perspectives, critical thinking skills, and the ability to build relationships with others who don’t look like them, believe the same things they do, or live in their neighborhoods or communities. 

Please welcome the members of MCEE at our service on January 29th.