OWL Facilitator Training Soon in Robbinsdale

If you are interested in being trained to teach OWL classes at UUCM, sign up now for the August 23-25 training at Robbinsdale UCC. Choose one of two levels: Grades 7-9/10-12 or Grades K-1, 4-6. Register here. The cost is relatively low, but do speak with Malia Brandt if you are interested in having your registration fee reimbursed. The church has the necessary curricula.  Act now and let us know when you are trained!

The UUCM Greeter Sign-up Has New Options

Now there are two greeting options for Sunday mornings at UUCM, available through the Greeter “button” at the top of the UUCM website home page.

  • Guestbook + Red Cup Greeter – Welcomes all people as they arrive and helps newcomers to feel oriented and at ease.
  • Family Greeter – Welcomes all people as they arrive and attends specifically to new families with children to help them feel oriented and comfortable. Please sign up for as many services as you can manage. Greeting instructions are on the sign-up page.

We welcome and encourage children to join adults in greeting (and ushering!), as well. They often enjoy these roles. Thanks very much for all you do for UUCM!

Social Generosity Offering: June 2019

Our JUNE Social Generosity Offering will go to OutFront Minnesota, whose mission is to create a state where lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people are free to be who they are, love who they love, and live without fear of violence, harassment or discrimination. They envision a state where LGBTQ individuals have equal opportunities, protection and rights, and are working toward the day when all Minnesotans have the freedom, power and confidence to make the best choices for their own lives. Click here to learn more.

Note: All cash placed in the Sunday collection, as well as checks to “UUCM” with “Social Generosity” in the memo line, will go towards the Social Generosity cause for the current month. You may also use the basket to make other contributions to UUCM. Simply make your check out to “UUCM” with instructions in the memo line.

Social Generosity Slideshow 2018-19

Every Sunday, UUCM donates the entire open offering to a social justice cause, with different organizations chosen each month. Since we began this practice in 2010, UUCM has raised and dispersed over $108,000 to more than 60 different organizations. The recipient of grants from this fund are chosen by the Social Justice Ministry and our Minister.

Here is a slideshow that highlights stories and messages of thanks from offering recipients over the last year, and displays the power of generosity as we share our resources with others.

(Archive) North Wall Art Space: “Abstract” by Carl Beihl


The North Wall Art Space: Abstract featured paintings by local artist Carl Beihl.  For over five decades Carl has used art to find balance in his creative and work life. For the past six years he has been experimenting with abstract painting, with particular attention to a using a varied palette of secondary and tertiary pigments, different layering techniques, varying thickness of pigments and transparency.  The current paintings were done in 2018 when he set out to lighten the mood, contrast and balance in his work.

Carl has offered to donate 30% of any sales to UUCM. If you are interested in purchasing the art please contact Christy Dachelet at 952-270-7304 or czdachelet@comcast.net.