UUCM Summer Camp: July 31-Aug. 4

This summer, we are hosting a summer camp right here at UUCM for children entering kindergarten through 5th grade.

Days will be spent playing games and finding UU values in every-day occurrences, even in our favorite Pixar and Disney films, such as Ratatouille, La Luna, Monsters Inc., Cars and more. UUCM youth also have the opportunity to be camp counselors, earning money for future UUCM trips. There is an early bird discount if you sign up by the end of March, but the camp is still quite affordable even without the discount, and scholarships are available. For more information, contact Karen Heuiser, sign up using the link sent in Friday’s updates, CYRE newsletters or on the flyers posted in the Community Room. 

Immigration Justice Update

UUSC Family Celebrations

  • A Chrome Laptop was donated to the family. 
  • The family is on a wait list for a program offering reduced internet rates for qualifying households.

UUSC Family Needs

  • Rides to dentist appointments the evening of March 21st and the morning of March 23rd.  Refer to Signup Genius for additional opportunities to help the family: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0E4BA9A82DA6FACE9-volunteer
  • Assistance studying for the Written Drivers Test in Spanish
  • Technology support as they learn to navigate their Android phones and the laptop.
  • Donations:
    – Tall shelving for additional storage in their family room
    – Big bath towels
    – Monetary Donations to allow us to spend $200/month on groceries for their continued food security. 

ONLINE/MAIL Special Donation Instructions: Online to Special Donation Campaigns using a credit card at bit.ly/giveuucm. Please put “UUSC Family” in the memo line.Mail a contribution with “UUSC Family” in the memo line to UUCM at 2030 Wayzata Blvd E, Wayzata MN 55391.You can also place checks and gift cards in the secure box near the church office door.

Questions or concerns?  Contact Lori Arnold (cell 952-693-8604) or Laurie Young (cell 651-269-0362)

What Does Love Mean to You?

Throughout the month of February, we invited UUCMers of all ages to share what love means to them on our Wall of Love in the Community Room. We put together a collage of the answers we shared.

Love is accepting, 

celebrating, amplifying.

Love is making friends,

Spending time with family,

A happy valentine,

My chosen family!

Love is trust,

Acceptance, kindness,

An open heart.

Love is ocean, animals,

Awe and reverence for all life… the beetle, bird, bud, buffalo

The interconnectedness within us all.

Love means you being you,

Giving the person space to be themselves,

Being seen and listened to,
Treating people the way you want to be treated.

Love is not a noun, it is an action verb!

Love is fighting for Justice!

Love means that you feel loved and happy.

It feels like taking care,

like being warm inside,

Like the warm hug your mom gives you,

Or a blanket keeping you safe and warm.

Love is taking care of people,

Chatting online or offline 

or spending time with someone,

Visiting a friend who is recovering from surgery,

Helping new people.

Love is a good day,

A Happy Eden,

Leah, BTS, 

The petals of a rose.

Love is I love you.

Love is uncontrollable,



Acceptance for others.

Love is love.

It means everything.

Love will not stop.

UUCM Call for Volunteers

To Fill 4 Board of Trustee Positions & 1-3 Nominating Committee Positions Starting July 2023.

The UUCM Nominating Committee is actively recruiting candidates for the following:

  • President position on the Board of Trustees, July 2023-June 2024
  • Vice President position on the Board of Trustees, July 2024-June 2024
  • 2 open Member positions on the Board of Trustees, July 2023-June 2026
  • 3 open positions on the Nominating Committee, July 2023-June 2024.

Please consider either nominating yourself or encouraging a fellow church member to apply for this important work.

Please see details below, and consider serving as we continue to build on the positive energy of our growing congregation.

Member of the Board of Trustees: Trustees partner with the congregation, the council, the professional staff, and the minister(s) in carrying out the vision and long-term goals of the church. They articulate the policy and collaborate with the minister(s) to see they are fulfilled. A fuller description of the position is available here.

President of the Board of Trustees: The President, an Elected Officer, leads the Board of Trustees, setting the agenda and leading the monthly meetings.  This is a one-year term. A more detailed description of the position is available here.

Vice President of the Board of Trustees: The Vice President is also an Elected Officer of the Board of Trustees. in the President’s absence, shall preside over all meetings of Members and meetings of the Board of Trustees. The Vice President shall assume the office of President if a vacancy occurs in the Presidential office, and shall serve in that capacity until the election at the next Election Meeting of Members. This is a one-year term. A more detailed description of the position is available here.

Member of Nominating Committee: Committee members screen and recommend candidates to the congregation for open positions on the Board of Trustees, and the Nominating Committee, at the May annual meeting. This is a one year term. 3 vacancies must be filled.   A fuller description of the position is available here.

Please consider either nominating yourself 

or encouraging a fellow church member 

to apply for this important work.

If you are interested, please fill out the application form:  click here. Applications are due by Sunday, April 16, 2023. A member of the Nominating Committee will contact you after you submit the application. The Nominating Committee considers all the applicants and makes recommendations to the current board. Elections occur at the Annual Meeting on Sunday, May 21st, 2023. 

If you have questions or would like more information contact anyone on the UUCM Nominating Committee:

Fay LaVigne  gmaennis71@gmail.com 952-457-8904

MaryAnn Wiborg  mwiborg@mchsi.com 952-393-4832

Kathy Stuebner  kathystuebner@gmail.com  612-590-9606

Brian Zais   pharquart@gmail.com  612-590-8394

Fred Hulting  fhulting@gmail.com 612-419-5187

Thank you for considering this opportunity to serve and help lead our  congregation.