Graduate Care Packages – Collection starting January 26

We’re collecting items to send to our eight Bridging students to encourage them as they journey beyond high school. Please put any of the following items into the Graduate Care Package collection box Jan. 26th – Feb. 9th:

-snack size packs of: nuts, seeds, dried fruit, gummy fruit
-fun size candy bars/individually wrapped candy
-microwave: popcorn, ramen, mac & cheese
-rice crispy bars
-gum, throat lozenges, chapstick, mints
-adult coloring books/markers
-other ideas that will ship well 🙂

Child and Baby Dedication at UUCM

Sunday, February 9 at 10:00 AM
We will be welcoming children and babies with a Dedication on February 9 during our worship service.  If you have a child or baby whom you would like to be celebrated in this way, please contact Meg Riley,  UUs don’t christen or baptize children; instead we dedicate ourselves to them and honor the gifts they bring into the world.

Family Greeters Needed

Do you remember your first day at UUCM? Did someone greet you warmly and share some helpful information? Being greeted is particularly crucial for those visitors considering our RE program for their kids. If you can come to service early once a month or so to share a smile and give a little tour, please contact Jennifer at We need you 🙂 This is a wonderful service opportunity for a family to share (and great for individuals too).