Upcoming Baby/Child Dedication – Sunday, May 12

On May 12, we are going to dedicate babies and children to the congregation. If you are interested in participating in this special service, please email Rev. Meg Riley to share information about your family, which we’ll need for the ritual planning. Older children are (especially) welcome for the dedication, as well — it’s not just for babies 🙂 Contact Rev. Meg with any questions, and hope to see you there!

Readathon Results from the 2nd/3rd Grade Class

These young people achieved a total of 102 times they met the reading goal. Whether you pledged a flat fee or an amount per time that the reading goal was met, you can turn in your secure donation online now (www.avenuesforyouth.org), mail a check (1708 Oak Park Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55411) or call to make a credit card donation. The website states they are matching donations received in April!, so you can double your gift by responding soon. Thanks to all who contributed to this important cause. Congratulations to the 2nd/3rd grade class!

CYRE Registration and Recruitment for 2019-20

Kick-off for Registration & Recruitment for the Children and Youth Religious Education Program for 2019-2020 runs quickly through May 5th. Currently registered families were sent a link for the electronic registration process, but all interested families can register their young people at http://tinyurl.com/CYREreg1920. You can learn more about the program at https://tinyurl.com/RE2019-20welcome. It helps tremendously to know your plans for the year ahead. We also welcome input about the program relative to your interests and needs. We care and want to provide all that we can for your connections and spiritual needs at UUCM. Meanwhile everyone can be thinking about how you can contribute.  Our children long to get to know the whole community – not just their parents – duh! Thanks for giving this consideration.

Search for UUCM Child Care Provider

You can help!  Please help UUCM find a part-time child care provider for Sunday mornings (plus other occasional congregational events) by posting the position electronically to your social media and neighborhood sites, or distributing as a hard copy to any potential candidates you know, as well as to bulletin boards at businesses, libraries, stores, etc. Do you know a high school senior or college student, an at-home parent, nanny or other adult who could use a little extra income or long for some young child connections?  Click here to view the flyer and see more details about the position.

Program for Bridging Youth of 2019

Sunday, April 28 from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM
Hey, High School Seniors (and those equivalent)! Arif and Andrea are really looking forward to meeting with you April 28 to offer you UU support, plus time to reflect on memories of your time at UUCM as you graduate out of the religious education program for children and youth. We long to support you into adulthood. Although you have missed the deadline, it is still OK to RSVP to dre@uucmtka.org – but don’t complain about the food 🙂 ! Looking forward to gathering with you once more!

Chalice Keeper Training: Next Session April 14, 8:45 AM

Just a reminder for families of CKs in training to come as prepared as you can, to demonstrate the details of lighting the chalice as described in the booklet, as well as evidence of completing the workbook. Remember to practice reading the Principles reading on page 5 of  your  booklet. Thanks for taking part. See you bright and early on April 14!

Note: Those who can recite the Rainbow Path Principles from memory will earn a chalice pin that glows in the dark. And if they can do both the original and children’s Rainbow Path version, I will reward them even better – yet to be determined.