From the Board: November 2021

Each month, a member of the board will share a reflection on the Soul Matters monthly theme and the state of the church. The theme for November is Holding History. This month’s post is offered by Brian Zais.

Jupiter-2004-03-18-715-cI never much liked history in school.  Dry regurgitation of names, dates, and events never held my interest.  Those were things that happened back then.  They were a little like looking at names on my family tree from 100 years ago.  Sure, William McCaffery was my great grandfather.  That name could have been Seamus O’Connor and I probably would have turned out the same. It was only later in life that I truly developed my appreciation for history, and especially those moments when the course of history changed, even if people at the time didn’t realize it. Continue reading →

From the Board: October 2021

Each month, a member of the board will share a reflection on the Soul Matters monthly theme and the state of the church. The theme for October is Cultivating Relationship. This month’s post is offered by Janna Sundby.

Cultivating deep relationships is easier when there’s shared respect between people.

I’ve been shopping at Cub in Shorewood for over 25 years.  There was a very tall guy who collects the grocery carts and does various maintenance work inside the store. I’ve seen him many times over the seasons and years. In winter he wears a huge fur hat, and in the summer, he wears a wide-brimmed ratan hat. Seeing him work tirelessly in all kinds of weather, made me appreciate him.  I noticed how he seemed to know the all the little kids who came into the store.  We’d exchange pleasantries and comments on the weather.  He was kind enough to jump my car one winter day when I found the battery dead.  We never talked deeply about anything, and I found out by accident that we stood on the opposite sides of the 2016 election.  I left that alone and focused on what I respected in him. Continue reading →

What You Can Expect at Church on September 19

Fred Hulting and Rev. Lisa Friedman

We had a successful return to in-person Sunday Services last weekend, with about 50 people in the building and an equal number online.  A big thank you to our staff and volunteers for making everything run so smoothly.  To learn more about our approach to managing COVID as we return to the building, please read our welcome back article from September 12th.

This weekend we are very excited to welcome our children and youth back to in-person RE.  Jennifer and the CYRE team have been working closely with parents to develop new procedures for the classes and to create outdoor classrooms for grades 1-6.  This is a big milestone for our reopening, as our families have really been looking forward to getting back together at church. Continue reading →

Welcome Back to the Church!

What you can expect on September 12

Online Worship Note: If you would like to continue attending worship online, please check your Friday Update email for the Zoom link and follow the usual steps to connect. For technical support, text your name to 612-486-2656 (or call) and a member of our team will help you.

Fred Hulting and Rev. Lisa Friedman
We are looking forward to welcoming everyone back this weekend for the multi-generational Ingathering Service that marks the traditional start of the UUCM program year!

As discussed in previous articles, the church has moved to Phase 3 of our COVID-19 building reopening plan, which allows regular use of the building with safety protocols still in place. Please know that the Board, the staff, and our volunteers are all working hard to offer a multi-platform worship experience and to minimize the risks association with gathering in-person at the church.

In creating a new hybrid in-person and online version of Sunday mornings, we are working through many difficult decisions.  These decisions are grounded in the values of safety, inclusion, and consent (see Rev Lisa’s video).  They are informed by MN regulations, UUA recommendations, and CDC guidance.  And they reflect the feedback that over 60 Members and Friends provided during the recent survey. We heard that many of you are looking forward to returning in-person and being in community.  We also heard that you have concerns about the spread of the virus and want us to take precautions (e.g., masking). We are planning accordingly. Continue reading →

From the Board: September 2021

Each month, a member of the board will share a reflection on the Soul Matters monthly theme and the state of the church. The theme for September is Embracing Possibility. This month’s post is offered by Fred Hulting.

September has arrived and – just like every other year – we are returning to schools and work and churches after summer breaks.  Of course, this year is not like every other year, as the challenges of the last 18 months have changed the world around us.  We now find ourselves doing the same old things, but in ways we’ve never done them before.

So, as we get ready for reopening our UUCM church building, it is understandable that we are approaching this with caution.  We will be finding our way over the next weeks and months, guided by the values of safety, inclusion, and consent, as Rev Lisa tells us in her midweek video message. Continue reading →