Minister’s Message 1/13/21

This week’s message shares a shortened version of the five smooth stones of liberal religion. Rev. Lisa reflects on the continued need for moral and prophetic imagination in our nation today and the hope that our commitment to the practice of democracy will continue to build the world we dream. In addition, click here to view one of the UUA’s written resources on the five smooth stones.

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Minister’s Message 12/23/20

REMINDER Christmas Eve Candles Await You!
One of the special moments of the Christmas Eve service is the lighting of candles during “Silent Night.” We have candles ready for you, and there are two ways you can have them in your home in time!

  1. Stop by during the week and take candles from the table by the Little Lending Library.
  2. Email Rev. Lisa at and UUCM elves will deliver them to your doorstep.

You are also invited to view the UUCM Choir performance of “Sweeter Still“, below Rev. Lisa’s message.

This week’s message reflects on the Solstice tradition of gathering evergreen boughs for the winter months. Rev. Lisa honors the wisdom and endurance of the trees and what they have to offer us this year.

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Click on the picture above to view Rev. Lisa’s weekly video message.

Sweeter Still

To celebrate the holiday season together, we share this gift from our music ministry.

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