Solar Garden Party, Co-Sponsored by UUCM

Sunday, April 28 from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Learn from experts about rooftop solar for homeowners; Community Solar Gardens as an option that doesn’t require panel installation; energy efficiency; and ways to reduce your household’s energy consumption.  Social half hour with appetizers, 4:00-4:30.  Presented by MNIPL (our April social generosity recipient), Citizens Utility Board of MN, All Energy Solar, Center for Energy and Environment and Green Home Doctor. Located at St Luke Presbyterian Church: 3121 Groveland School Rd in Minnetonka.

CYRE Registration and Recruitment for 2019-20

Kick-off for Registration & Recruitment for the Children and Youth Religious Education Program for 2019-2020 runs quickly through May 5th. Currently registered families were sent a link for the electronic registration process, but all interested families can register their young people at You can learn more about the program at It helps tremendously to know your plans for the year ahead. We also welcome input about the program relative to your interests and needs. We care and want to provide all that we can for your connections and spiritual needs at UUCM. Meanwhile everyone can be thinking about how you can contribute.  Our children long to get to know the whole community – not just their parents – duh! Thanks for giving this consideration.

From the Board: April 2019

The theme this month is Wholeness.  As I was assigned to ponder wholeness, I got stuck.  What is it to be whole?  What is it to have holes?  What does it mean to be whole?  I know I do not have any unneeded holes or I’d be leaking, so I must be whole.

One of the biggest things I appreciate about being part of our congregation is that it is a place where we can ask questions.  It is expected that as individuals, we do not have all the answers.  Collectively, we are much stronger, smarter, and able to see more possibilities while forming our own point of views.

As you may know, I spend a lot of my chosen church time with the youth.  I knew I needed their help to answer my questions about wholeness. So I asked Star and Devon about what is it be whole and of course, their answers were quite insightful. Continue reading →

Social Generosity Offering: April 2019

Our APRIL Social Generosity Offering will go to the Minnesota Interfaith Power and Light, who works in partnership with faith communities across the state of Minnesota to co-create a just and sustainable world. They embrace a vision of 100 percent access to the benefits of renewable energy. Your contribution helps nurture youth and adult leadership training programs and furthers policy action.  For more information, visit

Note: All cash placed in the Sunday collection, as well as checks to “UUCM” with “Social Generosity” in the memo line, will go towards the Social Generosity cause for the current month. You may also use the basket to make other contributions to UUCM. Simply make your check out to “UUCM” with instructions in the memo line.

Search for UUCM Child Care Provider

You can help!  Please help UUCM find a part-time child care provider for Sunday mornings (plus other occasional congregational events) by posting the position electronically to your social media and neighborhood sites, or distributing as a hard copy to any potential candidates you know, as well as to bulletin boards at businesses, libraries, stores, etc. Do you know a high school senior or college student, an at-home parent, nanny or other adult who could use a little extra income or long for some young child connections?  Click here to view the flyer and see more details about the position.