In the Interim: 12/14/18

terri-burnorThere’s a line in an old U2 song that goes, “You’ve been running away / From what you don’t understand.” Bono is singing about love and telling us again and again in the chorus that “it’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright.”

Whether it’s love or next steps or the how or the why, it’s natural and normal to feel a little lost in the swirl of uncertainty. It’s natural to want to run away or hide or even ignore what we don’t understand. It’s alright. That’s human nature. Continue reading →

Church Closure Policy for Inclement Weather

christmas-2934094_1920In the very rare event of a need to cancel Sunday services because of inclement weather, you can find out whether church is open by:

  1. Looking at the UUCM website after 9 AM on Sunday. A special alert will be posted if church is cancelled.
  2. Calling the main church phone at (952) 473-5900 after 9 AM on Sunday. A special voicemail recording will be available if church is cancelled.
  3. Watching WCCO updates about local closures.

From the Board: December 2018

The opposite of knowledge…isn’t always ignorance. It can be wonder. Or mystery. Possibility. And in my life, I’ve found it’s the things I don’t know that have lifted me up and pushed me forwards, much more than the things I do know.” — Pico Iyer

I found Pico’s description of wonder and mystery to be insightful as I thought about the UUCM mission:   In a spirit of wonder and with courageous love, we connect, grow, and act.

I was also struck by the connection to the work of the Sacred Solidarity Network (SSN) in which UUCM is participating.  SSN is a cohort of congregations meeting for an ongoing cycle of action and learning. By engaging in a planned curriculum, groups come away with a customizable racial justice toolkit. Rev. Terri Burnor is a member of the SSN coordinating team.

One of SSN’s plans is to encourage us to realize that there is not just one right way.  “We need to try new things and assess how they work- moving from isolation to a network….” Continue reading →

2019 Our Whole Lives Facilitator Training this February

Friday, February 1, 2019, 12:00 pm to Sunday, February 3, 2019, 3:00 pm for elementary and secondary levels, at  Union Congregational United Church of Christ, 3700 Alabama Ave S, St. Louis Park, MN 55416.

Our Whole Lives, the comprehensive sexuality curriculum created and supported by the UCC and UUA, relies on trained facilitators to bring it to life in local congregations. This training will be for adults, 21 and older, who are sponsored by their congregations to become facilitators of either the elementary (grades K-1/4-6) or the secondary (grades 7-9/10-12) portions of this curriculum.

UUCM CYRE program will cover the registration cost for anyone willing to teach this curriculum for the church. Contact Andrea Purdy Heier with any questions.

Learn more and register here:

Church Staff Holiday Gift

It’s that time again! The Board is passing the hat for the annual Church Staff Holiday Gift. Our wonderful staff have been keeping the metaphorical gears turning and synchronized through this busy transitional year. Your donations of appreciation may be deposited in the appropriately labelled blue can in the community room through December 30.

Do You Have a Guest At Your Table (GAYT)?

If you were not at church when boxes and envelopes were handed out for the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee’s (UUSC) most important fundraiser, you can pick one up at the Social Justice Ministry table, along with the Stories of Hope booklet reflecting ways UUSC has been of help, with local partner organizations, to people around the world. Please feed your GAYT at each meal, as you would a living guest, and return your collections in check form or online donation by January 6th. NOTE: Donations of $125+ will be doubled by the UU Church at Shelter Rock if they are received before Jan.1 2019!

End of Year Giving to UUCM

With December 31st approaching, please consider making a pledge payment or gift to UUCM before the end of the tax year.  Consult the UUCM Giving Guide for more information about making a gift to the church. The guide is available at the bottom of this page on the website or in the Community Room.

Path to Membership Class: Exploring UUCM

Sunday, January 13 from 11:15 AM to 12:15 PM
This class is part 2 of a 2- part series where we will continue to respond to your questions, and explore information and opportunities about our particular church, and how we relate to the wider UU Region and the Unitarian Universalist Association. Visitors and friends who have attended both of these “Exploring UUism” classes are eligible to become members of UUCM. Childcare is available during this event. Facilitated by Gary Charles, Membership Ministry.