UUCM Survey – Your Response is Important!

Dear Members and Friends,

It’s the annual Congregational Survey time and it only takes (on average) about 15 minutes. This is when the Board of Trustees asks for your assessment of how we are doing, individually, collectively and in our larger community. This instrument is the broadest based monitoring the Board uses to assess our movement toward our mission and ends. We count on your participation. Please submit your response before the deadline of Friday, April 26.

The link to the survey is: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/N9TPGSJ

We expect you will find the survey a bit simpler than last year. You can pause in giving your answers by clicking the EXIT button at the top of each page. You can then log back in later using the same computer and link to continue or edit your answers. When you are done, click the DONE button at the bottom of the last page. Click here for more helpful instructions on how to navigate the survey.

Also, if you haven’t already done it, please send in your pledge for the year to help push our Stewardship Drive over the goal. Help us Connect, Grow, and Act.

Robert Brooks, President
Board of Trustees

In the Interim: 4/19/2019

meg-rileyYou’ll receive this on Good Friday, and as the day turns to night, Passover seders will begin all over the world.  Though UUs mark Easter in our own ways, we do little to note the crucifixion which must happen before the ressurection can occur.  And while  about ten percent of us are “Jewnitarian,” the UU seders I’ve attended over the years have been brief and abbreviated, nothing like the long forays into deep discussion and reflection I’ve celebrated in the houses of Jewish friends.

Sometimes I long for more of a liturgical year for Unitarian Universalists. Various people have written them over the years, and some congregations opt into them.  At UUCM, engaging in theme-based ministry connects us to dozens of other congregations pondering the same monthly topics.  But none of those optional calendars have the depth of the year that a Christian or Jewish or Muslim calendar holds, and sometimes I long for that.  Many of us create our own seasonal rituals and choose to align our energy with that of the earth more than with a particular faith community. Continue reading →

From the Board: April 2019

The theme this month is Wholeness.  As I was assigned to ponder wholeness, I got stuck.  What is it to be whole?  What is it to have holes?  What does it mean to be whole?  I know I do not have any unneeded holes or I’d be leaking, so I must be whole.

One of the biggest things I appreciate about being part of our congregation is that it is a place where we can ask questions.  It is expected that as individuals, we do not have all the answers.  Collectively, we are much stronger, smarter, and able to see more possibilities while forming our own point of views.

As you may know, I spend a lot of my chosen church time with the youth.  I knew I needed their help to answer my questions about wholeness. So I asked Star and Devon about what is it be whole and of course, their answers were quite insightful. Continue reading →

UUCM Annual Congregational Meeting – Sunday, May 5

On Sunday, May 5, UUCM will hold its Annual Congregational Meeting shortly after the worship service. Agenda items include approval of the previous year’s minutes, the nominating committee’s slate of officers and board members, and approval of the annual budget for July 2019 – June 2020. Detailed materials for the meeting will be posted on the UUCM Happenings page next week.

Board members will be available after worship on Sunday, April 28 to address any questions members may have in advance of the annual meeting. There will also be a delicious soup/chili lunch, raising funds for the Youth RE program. See you there!

(A limited number of hard copies will be available at the annual meeting, so if you wish to have a copy during the meeting please download, print, and bring it. Thank you!)

Open Lecture Series: Climate Justice – A Better Future for Us All

Saturday, May 18 from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
The next Open Lecture Series at First Unitarian Society will build a narrative on the human right to a safe and habitable environment, and the challenges posed by over consumption and a rapidly industrializing world. Panel members will share stories and creative solutions to address the degradation of our environment and the inequalities within our communities. Come learn from energy experts, climate activists, farmers, community organizers, and medical professionals about how we can ensure climate justice for all. Speaker list and full schedule (which includes free lunch) available here. First Unitarian Society is located at 900 Mount Curve in Minneapolis. RSVP on Facebook.

Upcoming Baby/Child Dedication – Sunday, May 12

On May 12, we are going to dedicate babies and children to the congregation. If you are interested in participating in this special service, please email Rev. Meg Riley to share information about your family, which we’ll need for the ritual planning. Older children are (especially) welcome for the dedication, as well — it’s not just for babies 🙂 Contact Rev. Meg with any questions, and hope to see you there!

Interfaith Outreach: 4/21/19


Happy National Volunteer Month from Interfaith Outreach!

April is National Volunteer Month, and we tip our hats to the nearly 2,000 Interfaith Outreach volunteers who share their unique energy, positivity, hospitality and warmth with us each year. Volunteers, you make this a warm and friendly space for all. A place where people feel welcomed, not judged. Where families feel a part of the community, not excluded from it. Where passions are ignited, not diminished.

  • Did you know? A total of nearly 2,000+ Interfaith Outreach volunteers gave 67,235 hours of service this year. That’s a value of over $1.6 million! You nearly DOUBLE Interfaith’s staff capacity to help our neighbors. Thank you for playing your irreplaceable role!

During National Volunteer Month and all year long we want to thank you for all that you do to directly help kids, families and seniors in our community. But just as importantly, thank you for creating this special place…a place where volunteers make a forever impact!

Donate to Interfaith’s Eid Holiday Program

Through the generosity of the community, Interfaith Outreach provides holiday support for families from many faith traditions. Interfaith expanded its December Holiday Gift Program to support local Muslim client families after Ramadan, similar to how the program has helped Christian and Jewish neighbors. Many Muslim families celebrate the end of Ramadan by buying new clothing for their children and creating cherished memories by visiting family entertainment venues.

In an effort to alleviate the additional financial stress of the holiday period, and with your help, Interfaith Outreach hopes to provide gift cards to Target and passes to entertainment venues for fun family activities in early June. Our goal is to help an anticipated 300 individuals using a $50-per-person guideline (the same financial guideline we use for our December Holiday Gift Program).

 Can you contribute to this important effort?

  • Drop off or mail Target gift cards (increments of $25) to Interfaith Outreach by May 10 at 1605 County Road 101 N, Plymouth
  • Give online at iocp.org/donate by May 27 (select “Eid Holiday Program” from the drop-down menu)

Thank you for sharing this special holiday joy with our neighbors! Continue reading →