Stewardship Campaign: Growing 2030 Possibilities

Growing PossibilitiesWith all the wonderful things that are happening at UUCM, this is a great time for us to invest energy and treasure in our spiritual home.

On Sunday, March 3, 2019, we will kick off our annual UUCM Stewardship Campaign, “Growing 2030 Possibilities.”   The campaign will run through March 22, and has the ambitious goal to raise more than $330,000. Your support for the church will help us realize new possibilities for UUCM at 2030 Wayzata Blvd East, as we move towards the year 2030.

Each Spring, UUCM prepares a budget for the following fiscal year (July through June). Since Member and Friend contributions make up nearly 90% of our income, we conduct a Stewardship campaign at this time to gather pledges of financial support for the coming year.  We ask that each of you determine a pledge amount based on your commitment to the church and your financial resources. We want to receive responses from 100% of our Members and have many of our Friends participate as well. If that happens, we should be able to raise at least $330,000 (12% over last year). This amount will support our growing mission and the payments on our $610,000 mortgage.

Please plan to attend one of the upcoming 90-minute UUCM Gatherings to talk about the future of the church with our Ministers and the Board, and to learn more about the campaign.  Sign up for a gathering at 12:00 PM on March 16 or 17 at or using the sign up sheets in the community room.

Complete information about the campaign and our preliminary budget may be found in our Stewardship Packet.  For more information about giving to UUCM, please consult our Giving Guide.

If we all join in, we can reach our goal!  Make your pledge, and watch this page for updates on the progress of our campaign!

In the Interim: 3/15/2019

arif-mamdaniWe are on our way! Our journey has begun!

Where are we headed?

Toward a budget for next year!

How are we going to get there?

With your contributions to this year’s stewardship campaign: Growing 2030 Possibilities!

I have a secret to share with you all.

The secret is this: I love stewardship campaigns.

That might be an odd thing to hear from a member of your interim ministry team. So often, we hear that folks hate fundraising, that money stresses folks out, and that budgets are a source of angst and worry. And sure, I feel all those things too, but on balance, I love stewardship campaigns.

I love them because it continues to amaze me that groups of people can come together, pool their resources, and collectively create something that could not exist with the efforts of any one person alone. What I think is even cooler is that we’re here, today, because of the generations of people who supported this church, and who supported Unitarian Universalism. Think about that for a moment. Think about the origin of your connection to this church and this faith. Continue reading →

From the Board: March 2019

A journey (Oxford English Dictionary) is an act of going from one place to another or of traveling for a specified distance or period of time, a march, a ride, a drive, etc., or a combination of these; an excursion or expedition, especially to some distance. Figuratively: referring to the passage through life.

With this figurative sense of journey, UU’s are welcomed into our congregation. Membership does not require belief in some authority’s articles of faith. Membership is extended with an invitation to share the story of your personal spiritual journey. We wonder about how we have come to this time/space; what values have drawn you here; how are you realizing your highest and best. Continue reading →

Church Closure Policy for Inclement Weather

christmas-2934094_1920In the very rare event of a need to cancel Sunday services because of inclement weather, you can find out whether church is open by:

  1. Watching for an email message from UUCM announcing the cancellation/church closure.
  2. Looking at the UUCM website after 9 AM on Sunday. A special alert will be posted if church is cancelled.
  3. Calling the main church phone at (952) 473-5900 after 9 AM on Sunday. A special voicemail recording will be available if church is cancelled.

Interfaith Outreach: 3/17/19


Prevent Hunger in Our Community!

To date: $65,519 and 31,697 pounds of donations
Goal: $200,000 and 100,000 pounds of donations

Did you know: an average of 4,500 individuals need the Interfaith Outreach food shelf each year? (44% are children.) Thanks to you, the Prevent Hunger campaign is one-third of the way to raising $200,000 and 100,000 pounds of donations! This is great momentum, and we need everyone’s help to fight — and prevent — hunger in our community. Plan a food and fund drive with your faith community, neighborhood, co-workers, book club or civic group.

Visit to get started! The Prevent Hunger campaign is part of Minnesota FoodShare, which supports 300 Minnesota food shelves each year.

Spring Cleaning? Donate Local to Resale Select

After daylight savings, spring is officially around the corner! It’s a great time to go through closets and clear out the old to make room for the new! Resale Select gratefully accepts gently used items and will put them to great use. The resale store of Interfaith Outreach would like your donations of everything from clothing and accessories to household items. We are currently in need of books – do you have gently used or new current books to donate? “Keep it local” and bring your items to our store at 1605 County Road 101 N in Plymouth during donation hours, Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Learn more at Thank you! Continue reading →

Social Justice Action Update: 3/17/19

UUCM’s Social Justice Ministry keeps members and friends informed about upcoming social justice events and activities of interest. We encourage you to participate and help build the congregation’s capacity to educate, serve, witness, and advocate for social justice. If you have a social justice event you would like to publicize, contact John Ziegenhagen.

Volunteer Opportunity

Tutor Children in English

Jackie Smolen needs two volunteers to help tutor children in English at the Hopkins library on Mondays or Wednesdays from 4:15-6:15 p.m.  Contact Jackie at for more information.


Family focus – Women’s history month. It’s women’s history month! Consider taking time this month as a family to explore contributions that women have made in various fields. Read a book or see a movie about important women in history, or look at art created by women in one of our local art museums. Consider checking out Rebel Girls. They have produced two books (“Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls” volumes 1-2), each of which contains 100 brief stories featuring women from the past and present who made contributions in art, science, social justice, government, and other areas. In the past year, they have also added a podcast, with each episode highlighting the life and contributions of women. Continue reading →

Next Monthly Healing Touch Sessions: April 7

The next Community Healing Touch will be Sunday, April 7 starting at 11:45 AM in the Boxelder Room. Please be there early so you can complete intake information. Each session will last approximately 45 to 50 minutes. If you are interested in participating we ask that you sign up by Wednesday, April 3, so that we know how many practitioners will be needed. The sign-up sheet will be in the Community Room. See you soon! If you have concerns or questions, please text or call Betty Hartnett at 952-220-6959.
Continue reading →

Path to Membership Class: Exploring UU History & Beliefs

Sunday, April 14 from 11:15 AM to 12:15 PM in the Oak Room
This class is part 1 of a 2-part class on the path to membership at UUCM, allowing participants to share their own spiritual journeys and to interactively explore a broad overview of Unitarian and Universalist history and what it means to be a UU. Current members and friends are very welcome to join in the class also. Childcare is available during this event. Facilitated by Melissa Martinson, Membership Ministry.

In the Interim: 3/8/2019

meg-rileyI don’t know about y’all but I get pretty crunchy about now every winter in Minnesota.  Here on February 37th, or whatever the date is, I am sick of snow, sick of ice, sick of slush, sick of cold.  I start kicking those ice/filth clumps by my car wheels pretty hard, not that they pay any attention to me.  And don’t even get me started on ice dams.

Times like this, it’s good to remember to breathe, and to seek fluidity wherever we can find it—in swimming pools or bathtubs, in yoga or stretching, in breathing or hunkering down with a good book and warm tea.  Whatever helps us to remember that we don’t need to be clenched all the time!

We all deal with unwanted weather systems of all kinds on our life journeys.   Winters that won’t end, people who won’t listen to us, addictions that won’t obey our will or intentions, illnesses that don’t ask our permission to invade bodies we love, including our own.   It’s easy to believe that we’d be happy if it weren’t’ for these external forces, yet that’s not what research actually shows. Continue reading →