Mid-Week Ministers’ Message 4/15/20

The UUCM interim ministry team will now be sharing a weekly pastoral message on Wednesdays. Rev. Meg, Rev. Terri and Arif will take turns writing or recording a video. This replaces Friday’s “In the Interim” post from the troika. The Friday Update email will continue to go out with events, announcements, news, and board updates. 

Interim Ministerial Team

Dear UUCM Friends,

What a month it’s been!  Who could have imagined on Valentine’s Day how profoundly life would change for all of us by St. Patrick’s Day?  And as we look towards future markers on the calendar, uncertainty looms.  All we know for sure is that more change is coming.

It has been wonderful to see this community rise to the occasion.  You have checked in with one another, reached out to those who live alone or are more vulnerable to COVID 19, celebrated daily accomplishments and witnessed daily trials for one another.

For the three of us, when we see beloved faces begin to appear on the Zoom screen at worship each week, our hearts melt a bit. How wonderful that each square on the screen is filled with the face and name of someone to whom we feel so profoundly connected!  As we get more proficient with technology, more of you offer your gifts and talents, as always, to offer experiences grounded in love and beauty for the community, whether in worship, religious education, or social justice work.

The pandemic has interrupted life events for many of us—graduations and weddings, vacations and business trips.  It has changed everything about what UUCM does.  And yet, what remains constant, and central, is the quality of connectedness and care between us.  Whether we are singing along with our screen, showing up for a family night, or checking in with friends, we are affirming the centrality of this community in our lives.

One important part of church life that was interrupted in March was the gatherings we were holding to talk about how UUCM manifests our values in the world, and how we wanted to support the work of the church through our financial generosity.

In this time of uncertainty, maintaining commitments and intentions provides a compass for moving through the days.  If you haven’t already considered and made your pledge of financial support to the church for the fiscal year to come, we hope you’ll do so at your earliest convenience. UUCM’s ministry is vital, especially now. Your pledge, in whatever amount that fits for your household, is what makes that possible. Please watch for additional emails from the stewardship team with more details.

We hope and pray that each one of you, and all of your loved ones, are staying safe and well in these troubled times.  We hope and pray that the church is there for you, supporting your well-being and fostering your ability to make meaning.  We are always here, and eager to speak with you, if you need a listening ear.  And most of all we are grateful that UUCM is always there for all of us, as a beacon of hope and a place where love is alive.

With care,

Rev. Meg Riley, Rev. Terri Burnor, Arif Mamdani
Interim Ministry Team


One Comment

  1. I adore seeing the faces of so many familiar friends each Sunday. It’s a wonderful element of continuity in a challenging time in life. I’m grateful to our very creative and tenacious leadership team (professional and lay alike) for making this happen.



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