News from Religious Education

For the past 3 years, UUCM’s family ministry has benefited greatly from the caring, creative and grounded leadership of Jennifer Swick. Not only has she guided the program through unprecedented times, she has also helped the congregation successfully build upon its long commitment to religious education for children and youth.  

Jennifer has shared with Rev. Lisa and the Board her intent to retire from her position at the end of this church year to pursue some personal goals. Please see below to read her personal message to the congregation about this decision. We have shared our gratitude with Jennifer, how much she means to the congregation, and how much she will be missed. We are glad that we will have her leadership for the rest of the year and plan to celebrate her time with us in May and June. While we are deeply reluctant to let her go, we hope you will join us in wishing Jennifer well on this new chapter of her life.

Continue reading to view Jennifer’s letter to the congregation.

Hello Beloved Faith Community,

I write this note with a bit of a heavy heart, having grown to truly love the people and the ministry of UUCM. But it is time to share about plans I have made, to transition from UUCM (on June 19th).

For many years I have had a growing desire to live simply, slowly and spaciously. I yearn to live from the deepest part of myself. For me, this necessitates less doing and more being. The sale of my house this fall, along with some other factors, have allowed me to realize this dream sooner than I expected.

I have mixed feelings about transitioning from UUCM, stepping away from the amazing ministry and people. Truly, it has been, and continues to be, a dream job. I will be sad to say “goodbye,” even as I am excited for this next phase of my life. I feel deeply grateful to round out my career amidst such a wonderful community. And I’ll treasure these next five months of time with you.

Rev. Lisa, the staff, the CYRE Team and I are planning together for a smooth transition. I anticipate this position will attract a strong successor, whom I will support however I can.

I regret that I could not share this announcement with you in person, although I will have opportunities to elaborate more personally, in the days and months to come. I am eternally grateful to have been a part of the story of UUCM these past few years, and blessed to know each of the families and households I continue to work with.



  1. I’m relatively new to UUCM, but I‘ve come to genuinely love the “gospel according to Squeeks”! Godspeed, Jennifer”…..



  2. I too love Squeeks and all that Jennifer has taught us. I have the highest regard for Jennifer, and she will be so missed.



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