Annual Congregational Meeting: The Details

We invite you to review the UUCM Annual Report, where our Board President, Minister and each UUCM ministry team shares a brief summary of their work over the year. 

The Annual Meeting of the UUCM Members, as outlined in the UUCM By-Laws, was held on Sunday, May 22, 2022 at 11:30am.  The meeting was held both in-person at the church, and online via Zoom.

The full agenda is available, and we have summarized the key decisions and business items below. If you have questions, please contact

Approval of a Resolution and Public Statement – APPROVED

The congregation will vote on to approve resolution regarding the inclusion of anti-racism language in the UU Principles. The proposed language of the statement/resolution is:

“In February 2021, the UUCM Congregation voted to take a ‘firm stand against racism in all its forms’ with our Black Lives Matter Public Statement and the banner prominently displayed on our building (see Consistent with that statement, we believe that the UU Principles, which are an important and visible expression of our values, should include anti-racism language.

Therefore, we join other UU congregations in endorsing the efforts of the 8th Principle Project to articulate a commitment to dismantling white supremacy within our own UU institutions and the larger community of which we are a part.  We also commit to work as individuals and as a congregation to influence the UUA Article II Commission to include anti-racism language in its revision of the UU Principles within Article II of the UUA By-Laws.”

You can read this document to get more background on the resolution.

Operating Budget for 2022-2023 – APPROVED

The Board is proposing a balanced Operating Budget with expenditures of $438,379, an increase of 2.5% over this year. This relatively flat budget reflects cost-of-living adjustments for staff, investments to support hybrid programming and the return to in person community, and funding for new Ministry team opportunities. These increases are partially offset by energy savings from our solar panels, and other operating efficiencies. There are no planned capital investments this year, so there is no capital budget to approve.

Elections for Board and Nominating Committee – ELECTED, AS NOTED BELOW

Per the By-Laws, Board officers (President and VP) are elected for one year terms, while Board trustees are elected for 3 years terms. Three of the Nominating Committee members are elected by the congregation for one year terms.  This year’s Nominating Committee has proposed the following slate of candidates for terms starting in July 2022. You can read all about the candidates here.

Board of Trustees
President (1 year): Becky Halat
Vice President (1 year): Janna Sundby
Board Trustee (3 years): Fred Hulting
(Note: Shelley Buss, Betty Harnett, Brian Zais, and Jeff Adrian will continue as Board Directors).

Nominating Committee
Members (1 year): MaryAnn Wiborg, Kathy Stuebner, and Fay LaVigne

Minutes from Previous Meetings – APPROVED

We will approve the meeting minutes from last year’s Annual Meeting on May 23, 2021.

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